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Originally Posted by Mongo View Post
In what sense? the experts? watched a guy try and show proper use of a winch and was holding the cable (not rope) near the front of the winch while he was spooling it in, had gloves on aand was inches from destroying his hand if the gloves caught on a spur in the cable...

The CT stuff is cool, but not practical...but its the same old same old
If I were Trump - I'd ban any and all off road "instructors". I was one for years and I came to the conclusion that NO ONE is an expert. Everybody and his brother buys a truck, drives MOAB and then hangs a shingle. It is this or they write a check, take a test and get a certificate from someone like I4WDTA. The "industry" is perhaps the largest collection of men and women trying oh-so-hard to create some kind of relevance in their own lives.
"Trump is ruining this country."
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