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Originally Posted by ukoffroad View Post
Always wondered why someone would carry a flashlight unless they needed one for work. I had having a bunch of stuff in my pockets. A work phone and my work keys, everything else is in my desk.
Before I met that SOB Afirover, I NEVER carried a flashlight.

Now, I ALWAYS have one in a side pocket on my trousers.

Went to a wedding at the Auburn Cord Deusenberg museum. They odn't like it when they find you crawling around beneath the exhibits with a flashlight. The third time, I was told I'd be arrested... My wife decided we'd better leave then.

Originally Posted by chris snell View Post
As I've aged, I grown to hate anything in my pockets except a small set of keys. Even my iPhone and wallet are uncomfortable, so I put them in a jacket pocket or just hand-carry them.
I hang the tool truck keys on my belt.

In my purse is my wallet, two checkbooks, a CRKT money clip, a CRKT Guppie knife/tool, a coupla flashlights and my 38-or whatever I decide to carry for the day.

I too have decided I don't like a lot in my pockets.
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