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Well I've replaced the battery with a new 880CCA unit, cleaned all connections and verified that there is little resistance on the battery to fusebox cable, and the box to alternator cable. I even cleaned all the fuse to bus connections. But, I haven't installed the new 160 amp unit yet and have the replacement rebuilt 100amp unit still installed.

The way D1's are wired, there is a 100amp fuse inline between the alternator and the battery. As such, it can never provide more than 100 amps to the battery or it will blow the fuse. My winch is connected to the battery via a relay, so it conceivably can draw more than 100amp from the alternator and blow the fuse. I don't like that idea, especially as it's out in the bush when I need the winch.

There are 150 amp fuses available, as well as re-settable ciruit breakers, but I was wondering if changing the fuse, or wiring in a circuit breaker might cause other problems with 21yr old electronics.

Thoughts anyone?

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