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Thanks Robert and Jim-

Where to get the Rovergauge cable? haven't heard of it before, and do I need software- like Textbook- for my Mac laptop?

-Will put the new fuel filter in in the morning to see if the pressure goes up- I suppose there could be a momentary glitch that shuts the injectors down, but doesn't show on the gage. Will break out the adapters and try and connect my bigger, better Bosch fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail...

Will attack all all the electrical connectors you have mentioned with Elec. contact cleaner, and I usually put dielectric grease on everything as well, freshen up contacts with a wire brush on my Dremel....

Jim- will pull out those relays- freshen the contacts, and I think I have a new spare relay anyway...

Will keep you/Forum informed.

Many thanks-

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