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Hi guys-

Have been away a bit and not much time to fool with the Disco.... what I have done:

-Replaced fuel pump- old one as the bottom of the in spec operating range, but replaced it anyway.
new pump operates at 33-35 psi, holds pressure at 35+ psi after shut off, and gradually bleeds off....

-new fuel filter

-new optical pick up module in the Mallory distributor

-cleaned/wire brushed, then dielectric greased all fuses in the engine bay. this is an Arizona disco- not much corrosion or
moisture. Haven't done the connects to the fuse box- don't expect much dirt corrosion.

Have a spark indicator bulb on #1 plug. The engine runs anywhere from 1-5 minutes, then quits. Fuel pressure gage off the injection rail indicates normal expected fuel pressure. Once the engine quits, it shows no spark while attempted re-starts. Am going to test the coil, which is a matching Mallory for the distributor so a resistance wire is not necessary. Good voltage to the + of the coil when the ignition is turned on and after the engine dies. What I don't know yet is if than white/green hot wire to the coil + is directly from the ignition switch, or comes from the ECM. I smell the fuel while attempting re-starts.

Am stumped at the moment. What other input is telling the engine to run/not run? Don't think this is a fuel issue at all.

Grenade- I do have the above diagram in my "Electrics Manual' . don't have any OBD codes or any other idiot lights on.

Robertf- haven't had time to fool with a rovergage cable yet.

Need to get the Disco rolling!

thanks to all-

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