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The Higgins memo (the full read) is really something. Like tin foil hat on steroids. What I also think is fascinating is the backstory to it involves-leaks! Yet I don't hear nearly as much about the alt-right NSC infiltrators leaking to alt-right bloggers as being a NatSec issue.

As far as articles to places like FP go, apologies to a degree but the truth is that access to good news is the price of doing business. For the record, I don't pay for WaPo or NYT, though I have considered it given how much they are providing these days.

The Atlantic and FP? That's just baseline essentials for being informed. For less than most spend on Starbucks, or some shit-tastic IPA, etc.

Anyone notice how the PRC is becoming the adult in the room? Ironic given all the screams for 'leadership' that were part of the narrative. We are ceding our leadership role everyday.
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