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OBD and Catalytic Converter warranty from the EPA

by Joshua Bova

The EPA mandates a warranty on all vehicles sold in the US from 1995 which covers certain emissions related components. This warranty covers various parts for various lengths of time. The best part of the warranty is the coverage of "Specified Major Emission Control Components" which are the ECU (electronic emissions control unit), the OBD (on board diagnostics) and the catalytic converters. These are high ticket items, for example, my local dealer quoted me over $1,400 just for parts, not tax or labor for the y-pipe that includes the two catalytic converters.

Links to the FAQ page and the full text warranty are listed below. The requirements for the warranty are pretty straight forward, your car needs to be model year 1995 or newer, with fewer than 80,000 miles. If the catalytic converters or OBD system are diagnosed as faulty, then you are entitled to replacement free of charge. There are two places on the internet that you can look for more details.

There is a contact person listed at the bottom of the FAQ page. Her name is Holly Pugliese, I asked her a few questions via e-mail, and she was very helpful. As far as the LR dealer, I mentioned that I had found a warranty that looked like it should cover the repairs. The service writer said he would contact the LR rep and get back to me. I gave him my cell phone number, and by the time I was 5 miles from the dealership he called me and told me it was covered. I don't have a long standing relationship with this dealer, but he was still happy to help me. The thing to remember is that the dealer is actually going to be on your side for the most part. They only sell Land Rovers, they will not be paying for the repair, in fact they are going to get paid to do the work by LRNA. So keep the service dept as your ally and it should be no problem.

There is a section in the full text version that talks about reasons why a dealership can deny a claim. One of the reasons listed is excessive abuse such as off-road driving. Don't let this scare you. If your dealer tells you that driving a Land Rover off-road is abuse, he'll be selling Aztecs after LRNA is done with him . My truck has spent a lot of time off-road, and it is pretty obvious just looking at it. They didn't even blink.

This one is an FAQ page from the EPA, it covers the basics and will answer a lot of your questions.

This one is the full text of the warranty, it has every detail.

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