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    D1 auto trans filter question

    good to hear. youre the second person with high mileage trucks ive heard say the same thing.
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    99 D1 possible part out

    Is it running and drivable? If so, where is it?
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    What happened to Conversations?

    Can’t find my old conversations via the app.
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    Another ticking engine thread

    The ticking sounds like a worn high-mileage Rover V8 to me. My 200K mi 4.0 GEMS has this level of ticking as well and I'm pretty sure it's simply time for a rebuild. Other than that it has good compression and runs well for a 200K mi buick engine that is still on all original gaskets/seals.
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    Which are you go-to tires?

    Great advice. Makes sense to me to stick with what I’ve had good-enough experience with. As a result, I started checking the going rate on these things. I was bracing for this inflation drama to be front an center. I’ve had good luck buying tires from indie shops off of eBay. Sometimes I’ll buy...
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    Which are you go-to tires?

    Correct, 19's. Looking to stay stock size tire.
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    Which are you go-to tires?

    The factory Continental Contacts lasted 40K so I replaced them with Bridgestone Alenza Ultra (i believe) and have been pleased with the year-round performance and have given us about 10K more miles. My thinking is I'll go back to the same tire unless any of you have other recommendations. TIA
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    I’ve heard, don’t know how true, tStats slowly fail so an older tStat could be operational but not at peak performance I guess.
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    D1 Fan clutches

    That’s my thinking as well. 15psi, assuming it doesn’t cause any other leaks should in theory help keep the temps down more so than 9psi.
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    I threw on a HD one made by Hayden and noticed a 2* difference driving under normal conditions so I assume it is working better than my non-HD one that’s 5-6 years old. I hate the power that’s lost running the HD unit, plus it loud as shit. I’m in the process of adding a manual override switch...
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    WTB: D1 ARB/SafariGard front bumper in Colorado

    I can put you in touch with an indie shop in Virginia that has a D1 SG front/rear bumper for sale. I suspect however the logistics arrangements would need to be on you time and dime.
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    D1 Fan clutches

    Question for the experienced crowd. My factory stock reservoir cap says 9lb psi, whereas a new cap I recently purchased says 15lb psi. Which one would you run? Note this is a NAS defender with the small metal res tank cap, that the D1 plastic tank/cap combo.
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    Windshield Replacement

    Ha! We've had a crack in ours for almost a year. I'm intentionally waiting until I have to replace it for safety inspection bc im sure it'll get hit again eventually.
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    I have a 200K mile GEMS 4.0 that's on all its original seals and gaskets. It too stays in the 180 to mid 190's in normal driving conditions but when it's under considerable load it will climb to 210-215. I'm thinking this is it telling me I am due for a HG job.
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    1st Post. I just purchased my first Land Rover

    My 16yo son bought a late model D1 with 1 sunroof. It too is power and looks stock but was installed at the dealership. His truck came with a book of receipts over 18 years which is how we figured it out.