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Hi Will,
I was told to come to you to buy a used ignition switch and key for a D2. Do you have any for sale?
I do....With matching door handle and 2 extra blanks 150.00
1990 RRC - 3" OME Lift, Rebuilt 3.9, Wolfs, ARB rack, ARB Front Bumper, Winch
2002 D2 OME HD, Ashcroft T-Case, ARB Rear Locker, Under Armor-front to back, SafetyDevices Rack, ARB Front Bumper. No Engine.
2004 D2 HSE, Top-Hat D&D 4.6, Erson Cam (Wedgeshop), All Focal speakers, rear camera, stock everything else.
I'm Interested in the load bars off of the Disco 1 you recently bought, if you don't have plans for them.

Let me know...


Do you mean the removable bars that go between the fixed roof rack bars?