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Hi John,
I see you were parting out a RRC LWB, do you still have the front axle? I just need a bare front axle housing for air suspension.

How soon do you need it?
Dave P
Dave P
I am not in a huge rush. I also need the upper shock mounts for the front as well. Sorry for the delayed response.
I love the Disco, I removed my airbags as well. I couldn’t see trusting a 25 year old explosive device aimed at my heart. What do you put in the passenger’s side? I used the factory grab handle but I like the bin.
Thanks for the kind words. The bin is made by Casey's Custom (http://www.caseyscustom.com/). He doesn't list it as a product on his web site any more, but he seems to be a talented fabricator so I bet it's something he could still make. It's handy for holding passenger's phone or sunglasses.
Hey Will, a certain Chuck told me you might be interested in this:

I want to sell the entire vehicle, part it out.

Let me know if you're interested!

That Defender looks pretty good. The one in your T4 pic. Are you building that for someone? Or is it yours?
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Hey stew, that’s one I’m building for a customer. I still have my 110, but sold my NAS D90.