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My rover ownership history:
1976 2-door RR. Black and Grey. Dual carburetor.
1989 red GDE Limited Edition RR (5” lift, 33s, all Safari Garded)
1998 white Disco 1 (7” lift, Detroit lockers front and rear, 35s, fully Rovertymed)
2001 Green Disco 2. Stock.
1995 black LWB RR classic. Stock. Taken to South America. Stolen. :-(
1998 white Disco 1. Stock. Bought and sold.
1998 Green Disco 1. Currently owned.
Hi. I'd split the cost of shipping my truck to CA if you're still keen on it.
p m
p m
ha, thanks!
If I bought it, I wouldn't trade the fun of driving it cross-country! But - probably not, with 5 land rovers in my name already and another child wedding approaching... I'll keep watching it, though.
Oh, you’re one of those LR owners … with a “litter” of trucks! Having 6 makes as much sense as having 5 ;-)

And yeah, I drove this cross country from FL to CA when I bought it and it was a phenomenal trip!
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