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    Death wobble

    Also check your tire pressure. These things are enormously susceptible to off tire pressure. Seem to like it lower.
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    DiscoWeb (no longer) needs your help

    Fuck I missed this. I feel as much as I run my suck on here I should donate. Still accepting?
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    No more bumpstocks

    The only correction of mistakes that should occur is the following: The word Infringed be completely re-defined in the dictionary from what it states currently or Any gun law enacted at all, anywhere, by anyone, be repealed and/or voided. Continuing to make laws, create categories, require...
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    No more bumpstocks

    THIS. (even worthy of an all-caps)
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    No more bumpstocks

    No they wouldn't, but they won't admit it.
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    No more bumpstocks

    Why plus one to Trump? They're fucking stupid. And you can build one from a hardware store, no need to buy them. They make your weapon highly inaccurate and more prone to jamming and malfunctioning. I mean following that to its logical conclusion requiring bump stocks on all AR-15 style...
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    04 Disco, looking for feedback on value?

    Look at the ones that sold, the ones that didn't. Look at some of the comments, look at the photos (esp of the ones that sold). Worth a try! It might be hit or miss but while ebay is full of $15k Discoveries, there's absolute history on BaT with verified buyers.
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    04 Disco, looking for feedback on value?

    I still like Bring A Trailer for nice condition Discoveries, seems that's the hottest place for them on the internet right now. For $100 and some decent time spent with a camera taking photos you could come out better than CL. If it were me I'd try to see if they'd take it as a listing - hint...
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    Predator Hunting

    But without Coyotes what's going to ensure we aren't overrun with cats and annoying yappy dogs?
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    1995 Custom DI Truggy

    I'd seriously submit that one to Bring A Trailer. If they won't let you set a high reserve for it, walk, but they might given the uniquness of the build. But you'd have to take about 125 more photos and write up detail to wet their whistle.
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    TV Streaming Devices

    I have a box with a DVD player. The box has Netflix and Amazon Prime apps. It has some others but I ignore them. We don't have cable or other tv. We have one tv in the house. It's in the living room. Life is good. I recommend this set up for everyone.
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    1997 Discovery SD 5-speed - Portland, OR

    Very true. They've gone up. 5 speed with no sunroofs $8200 plus buyer's premium
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    Built in computer backdoors

    So have we bombed China to teach them a lesson or did we just write hand wringing articles?
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    2003 DII 7-Pass Rebuilt 4.6 - $10,500 Chlt, NC

    Take 100 very good quality photos (read their guide on how to photograph a vehicle) and put it on BAT. There's a few people who bash on every DII on there whenever one comes up but you've done the work (liners, rebuild) they usually bash on. Dweb is only a place to sell $1500 trail rigs. My D1...