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    Texas LR Owners

    We kinda hung with CVC, Chapman, and Chris Snell….
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    Texas LR Owners

    Did SCARR from VA years back at Marble Falls, good times.
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    Disregard. Will Tillery has the part.

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    So how come no link to the new Defender in the tech section...

    Or, the Land Rover enthusiast isn’t buying it.
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    D1 Auto Transmission

    I’d check with Will Tillery here on the site.
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    The Classic Classic

    Thank you for saying off road instead of overlanding.
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    Anyone want a $35k 2003 D2?

    so what’s an 04 worth nowadays? This is getting ridiculous.
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    Land Rover Facebook groups.

    My running 04 must be priceless.
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    '99 D2 Alternator Intermittently Not Charging

    How old is the alternator? I have an 04 D2 and a 2000 Landcruiser. 2 years ago on a trip to Idaho from VA In the Landcruiser, I had the battery light come on after fueling up in WY. It would go out if I revved the engine. I continued on reaching Idaho the next day. 2 days there with no problem...
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    Exactly How Unreliable are the Old Xj6s and Xj12s?

    Plus, we’re British auto enthusiasts.
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    Insufficient Power Assistance - Power Steering

    Spray both, turn the wheel, repeat a few times. I thought my steering box was going, and this was it.
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    Insufficient Power Assistance - Power Steering

    Have you checked the joints in the steering shaft? I had some hard steering last year, sprayed lubricant on the 2 joints on the shaft, been good since then.
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    New Bronco

    Americans are enamored with supersized everything. I work with guys that drive 4x4 1 ton crew cab trucks, who don’t haul, tow, or push anything, and only need seating for 3.
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    Land Rover Facebook groups.

    You’re not the only one to notice that.
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    Hannibal rack

    I’ve been thinking of taking the Voyager rack off the D2 and selling it if there is a Disco Hannibal out there somewhere. Anyone have one sitting around?