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    D1 crankshaft sensor cover

    Island 4x4 and John Craddock say they stock or can supply the ERR6928 shield
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    Intermittent Anti Lock light

    Your speed sensor could be faulty or dirty. You can disassemble it clean it and see if it clear the anti lock light. Or purchase a used one.
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    No/rough idle

    Maybe stepper/IAC valve dirty or faiiing.
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    Found this shop in Carlsbad catalog says they make it!
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    Doesn’t seem to be available or out of stock RTC9593AA.
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    2003 D2 HDC, SLS, ACE indicators not there

    Read that the Police setting is head lamp flashing mode. Also read there’s a Gulf mode however not sure what it does maybe sand driving?
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    Troubleshooting D1 Radio

    Maybe have a good stereo shop make the repairs?
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    Disco 1 Misc Questions

    At the The site gives all the seat cover options. I think a phone call is required to get order right. The price is right.
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    D2: Three Amigos On At All Times After Shuttle Valve Switch Replacement

    Minnc, has the correct solution for this repair wire bypass, clear codes.
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    LH Front Door Wiring Harness 2002 Discovery2

    Try the Roverguy Will Tillery he may have a good used one. I think you can buy or order the OEM harness from LR at $450-$500.
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    D2 Fuel Pump Leak

    Loosen the lock ring and then tighten it back and forth motion or if you have a large pair of channel lock pliers will help loosen as well.
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    D2 Fuel Pump Leak

    Plastic can crack over time with heat and cold. It’s a good thing you found the fuel leak, safety first and the D2 will run better, all sealed up, definitely better fuel pressure and better start ups.