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    Rearview Mirrors D1

    My neighbor saw me setting up the compass, after install, in the middle of the street, she thought something was wrong with me. IIRC is was drive in a slow circle 2 or three times or something like that. Worked great ever since.
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    D1 Heater vent control knob

    There are 2 cables on the right and one on the left of the blower box.
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    Just bought 1999 D1- Where to start?

    Where to start? A good therapist! This can be fixed over a long time and many visits.
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    D1 Heater vent control knob

    Sometimes the clip that holds the outer jacket of the cable slips over the years. The inner wire is fixed at both ends and you adjust the travel by a metal clamp that grips the outer jacket. It can be popped out and pressed back in using a different, longer or shorter positions to make the...
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    Windo regulator bushing

    What's the install like on the ALU ones?
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    Windo regulator bushing

    The printed ones say DII, I assume they fit both early Discos? Anyone used these? I was going to go to a yard and just buy a replacement but I am just paying for the same problem to happen anytime anywhere. I forget if the rear DII window mechs fit the DI, anyone else remember? My 99SDs are...
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    D1 Rear Dislocation Cones

    Got a set of RTE I don't use anymore, just up the road from you.
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    Exhaust condensate leak

    That sounds like the stock fitting. I switched to a v band clamp welded on by a muffler shop because I could never get a good seal anymore from the stock setup.
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    Exhaust condensate leak

    Do you have a V band clamp? They are actually designed to leak for water seepage until they heat up.
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    Tire pressure gauges

    I like my powertank with oil filled gauge. Pricey but you can get parts and rebuild it too.
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    INEOS Grenadier
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    New Bronco

    By 230,000 they should have figured a few things out. Elon would love those numbers...
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    Aftermarket front bumper?

    Not sure if Rockware even sells stuff anymore, but theirs are nice and stout.
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    New Bronco

    These guys have a ton of info.
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    New Bronco

    They even nailed the catch phrase; Built Wild. I like it