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    DII lift
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    SOLD: 1995 D1 5 Speed Manual Tdi

    Would you take $14,000?
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    Hard Labor Creek Fab for sale

    Could you give a more detailed response?
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    DII lift

    Or you could just buy my rig on yoga axles. And it?s alread been to Colorado.
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    who's the clown

    A couple sunny days and she'll be good as new. The fact is he's probably smarter than most of us. He'll probably get $5000 for a $1500 truck from the insurance company.
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    Colorado '17

    I thought this thread was going to be about the Chevy Colorado. I’m mildly disappointed.
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    No more epic trips, or, the Decline of DWeb

    I took an epic trip a couple weeks ago. I went outside to take a piss off the deck and didn’t see the flower pot in the dark. I almost fell and spilled my Jack Daniels. Truly an epic trip.
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    anti freeze in oil

    The good news is your oil won’t freeze.
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    Bad experience at "Rover Specialist" - Vinnie Tarrone - Garfield, NJ

    It's important to remember that the people's republic of New Jersey is a filthy shithole. The lesson to be learned here is to stay away from that vile state.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday D.
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    D2 Led Headlights

    He was probably just receiving anal from his life partner.
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    5spd in a DII?

    L8 did one. I ran it for a while then sold it. Guy I sold it to still has it.
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    1999 Disco2 with FZJ80 Axles

    It?s lime green and a dude magnet.....
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    1999 Disco2 with FZJ80 Axles

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    1999 Disco2 with FZJ80 Axles

    She's back on the market. A couple more dents, an SD roof rack, snorkel and some other odds and ends. Pm me for details.