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    WTB: ETC8495 round plug TPS for 95RRC

    found. thanks will
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    WTB: ETC8495 round plug TPS for 95RRC

    Just what the title says. I need the throttle position sensor for a 1995 RRC. The wires broke off right at the plug, no way to splice it.
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    WTB: RTE 3" springs (full set)

    RTE4-3 and RTE1-3 I believe. Shipped to SoCal or local pickup.... Anyone?
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    Terrafirma TF863 alloy fuel tank guard for D1 and RRC

    Where are you located?
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    Discovery 2 parts in SoCal

    Pm sent for ashtray and center dash cupholder.
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    D2 Off Road Ready Truck full of Parts

    2nd in line... what kind of diff guards?
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    Fox 2.0 shocks

    What are they valved at?
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    WTB: used D2 keys (2)

    I ordered some from eBay but they arrived with the plain button. Do you have a link?
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    WTB: used D2 keys (2)

    What I'm looking for is the plastic case in fair condition. I don't care about the key or the electronics. I just want the plastic shell with buttons that are intact. I'm looking for OEM with the factory logo only. I know I can get the new replacements from China. I don't want that. I'm...
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    X-spring Disco 1

    PM sent.
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    icarsoft LRII for Land Rover and Jag **SOLD**

    PM replied.
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    icarsoft LRII for Land Rover and Jag **SOLD**

    Is this sold? I'd like to buy it if it's not sold.
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    Tom Woods Driveshaft D1 /RRC/ Defender

    Is this DS still available?