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    Water Ingress Driver side

    The front corners of the roof sealant crack in the rain gutter. That’s a common leak area
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    The lifters wear to the cam
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    You don’t want to swap around lifters unless they stay in the same position with the same cam. the only time I have ever replaced a push rod is because it was bent.
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    Protecting the cats

    I think the people stealing cats from land rovers know the difference and specifically target Land Rovers. I got $1800 for the converters on my wife’s D1 and replacements were $550. They would have to be stolen several times for me to lose any money on the deal.
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    Protecting the cats

    The most effective solution is to cut them off yourself and replace with aftermarket. The aftermarket ones are basically worthless for scrap.
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    D1 front cover Question

    Last time I got a bolt kit from AB the sizes were incorrect. That was probably 8 years ago though
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    LR4 Bites The Dust

    It was the older body style. I just grabbed this pic from Google
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    LR4 Bites The Dust

    Early SC trucks (can’t remember if it was RRS, RR, or both) had a metal outlet pipe. The crossover tube in the back was still plastic though.
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    TDI fuel economy

    My first 110 would get 27 pretty consistently when I was doing a highway drive every weekend and driving in the suburbs/city during the week.
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    Anyone have a review for the Atlantic British long or short block engines?

    Aren’t there four bolts the go from the front of the oil pan into the transmission on a D2?
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    87K Range Rover - Headgaskets, ARP bolts, Ported Heads, Arnott Gen IIs, etc.

    Your D1 would take gear lube which a P38 would take ATF in the transfer box. The P38 doesn’t have a LT230 and it utilizes a viscous coupling
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    Anyone have a review for the Atlantic British long or short block engines?

    I’ve installed a few and have never had any issues that I can think of. An engine conversion will definitely not be cheaper in any way.
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    Shredded serpentine belt

    Any chance the power steering pump pulley is installed backwards?
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    Loss of oil pressure

    Given that it is an 03, I would guess the oil pump gears broke.