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    Is this swivel ball reusable?

    The pitting on the inside doesn't matter. The outside pitting looks pretty light, so I would use it. You definitely do not want aftermarket swivel balls as they fail catastrophically from normal road use.
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    ECM Location

    It is behind the battery.
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    2017 Discovery diesel known issues.

    Honestly, most people don't even know they are leaking. The leaks aren't that bad, but they definitely do leak.
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    2017 Discovery diesel known issues.

    The only really common problem that has nothing to do with driving style is the cam seals leak in the front. They are actually really easy to do, but you do have to pull the timing belt. Air leaks in the intake and exhaust can cause all sorts of issues like a clogged DPF or DEF quality warnings.
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    2020 Defender

    I think it has more to do with driving style than anything. There are plenty of people who just can't accept that they are going to make it up a certain obstacle and are always bashing their trucks. Oddly that always seems to be guys in black d2 s with 35's... I've wheeled my D90 all over the...
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    D2 viscous fan clutch “upgrade”

    Could the part have been packaged wrong?
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    2020 Defender

    Why not? Unless you totally bash it, you aren’t going to suffer much loss in value.
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    The never-ending Rack Thread

    I figured out what Kyle spent all of that rack money on.
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    2020 Defender

    Same. The new Range Rover is probably just as capable as the Pretender, and I'm sure its a lot nicer.
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    Ten Years

    Should we change the title of this thread to Twenty Years?
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    Great American Rover Rally

    Its the Great American Bearmach Rally.
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    LR 3/4 weak points

    The FPDM wasn't the problem on his, he had a wiring problem. I've only replaced one that I can recall and that was because JLR engineering told me to replace that and the low pressure fuel pump (intermittent fault). Any part can fail, but the FPDM is a very rare item to fail. I'd be more...
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    Modifying a D1 SD rack to fit a D90?

    If you have the fabrication skills to make a D1 SD rack look even halfway decent on a D90, then you could build your own rack. FYI, there is a guy that sells knock off SD Defender racks on eBay and they look pretty okay. Not perfect, but much better than the knock off Discovery SD racks.
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    Could it really be the CPK AGAIN?!?!?!

    The next most likely thing is the fuse box under the steering column. I did a post on NAS-ROW on how to diagnose this. Basically the ignition coils are losing power when cranking. There is a connector near the expansion tank that is accessible to check there. IIRC, it will still have power until...