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    Selling my eco challenge XD.

    The original ECO XDs just used stock LR brush guards, some with winches installed, some without. The XDs were a marketing tool for LRNA hoping to get some additional exposure on the Discovery channel broadcast, so they were ordered for the event pretty last minute. The TReK event was set to take...
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    Bumper Marker Lights Inop

    Just got back from a 4 day trip to the Alvord Desert. Before I left, I had every single light on my XD was working. Now, both my front bumper marker lights in my ARB are out. These lights used to be on the side of the bumper caps. I've checked all the fuses that seem to be related to lighting...
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    D1 brake/tail light socket

    I have a few spares if your order falls through.
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    LR3 Fatigue

    Exactly. Small annoyances, nothing major, just one after another... No interest in the D5 here. The D1 is all the Rover I think I need at the moment. Part of it is that my job just doesn't give me enough time to deal with car stuff so I want to have a DD that I don't 'care' about. I had an...
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    LR3 Fatigue

    Not to derail this... but i kid you not, I signed up yesterday for notification of pre-orders on the Grenadier. It has won me over...
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    LR3 Fatigue

    I don't want to sound whiny, but I just need to vent a little and maybe get some advice/opinions. My XD is my primary Land Rover as far as use, mods, and love. In March, I hit another Rover on the trail and have been working on rebuilding and modifying it since. I can never seem to find enough...
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    Rear View Mirror Project

    I ended up swapping the glass from my original mirror into the one with the Map Lights. It was pretty straight forward and works great.
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    Preparing for the long road ahead

    I bought a fuel pump for a '96 Impala (based on a Dweb thread...) with no assembly, just the pump, 8 years ago and have had no issues.
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    Coast-to-coast-to-coast in an LR3: trip report

    LR3s are fantastic road trip vehicles. And the added benefit of taking it off-road when desired make them an incredibly fun vehicle for any type of trip! Can't wait to read your report.
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    OME Steering Damper Upgrade

    I knew I was going to get the nomenclature wrong, thanks for the no-shame response! Any benefit to both being connected to a damper?
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    OME Steering Damper Upgrade

    I was given an OME steering damper and tie rod from a fellow club member. It's the upgrade, a larger diameter tie rod and beefy damper. He mentioned that it goes in the front instead of the rear of the axle. For the rear (that now no longer has a damper), can I use the existing rod? Or do I need...
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    Recovery points on D1

    Not sure about the rear but the ring protruding from your air dam is indeed a recovery point that’s bolted to your frame. I’m not sure what the load limit is, but I have one from a ‘98 parts disco as well.
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    D1 rear bumper - Central Oregon area

    I've got a rear bumper on my '98 parts truck. End caps are claimed, lights are missing the bulb holders and there's a dent where someone apparently tried to hitch a trailer. But it's available in the Portland area. I'll be out of town for a few weeks, but will be finishing off the truck in July...
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    D1 Parts Purge

    !!Parts pulling paused until July!! Sorry if I don't respond much, I'll be in Alaska off the grid for most of June...
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    D1 Parts Purge

    Ladder is gone. Most of the A/C is on the truck, but I don't know the condition of any of it and several lines were pulled to get the radiator out, and honestly I wasn't paying much attention to them so I don't know the condition of them.