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    2004 SE7 WHITE/ALPACA 68030 MILES

    I would ask in the $20k range post it on BOT they go $17-25k
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    Anyone know of any rebuilt and top-hatted 4.6 engines available for purchase?

    Call Kevin 240 793 9one81 He has a nice one built by Indy
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    headers on a 4.6 d2???

    Janspeed was the only header for a Rover that had any quality at all that I've seen
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    Coil springs

    I probably have a set of 3" RTE too they will net you 4-5" on a D2 I run a Double/double in the front and a double in the rear
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    Coil springs

    I have a new set of 5" RTE springs for $550 which will lift your D2 about 7-8" you need 2" spacers in the rear to level it just be warned that on a D2 if you plan on driving it on the road you will need to turn the knuckles about 8* to get your caster close and a Double double on the front to...
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    WTB LR3 OEM fog lights

    I have them $75 ea
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    WTB LR3 OEM fog lights

    and 03/4 D2
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    You don't need to change the rotating parts if its already a 4.6 you do need to change the large timing gear to the Bosch version and the front cover, oil pan, pickup etc and of course the heads to get secondary air
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    Remember how block sealer works. It hardens when it comes into contact with the atmosphere elements, so when you drain it or it gets air in from overheating (bubbles) it will harden so all small galleries will eventually plug like your heater matrix and your rad etc
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    Head Gasket Repair Done -- Still Leaks

    Just get a Gems block and drop all your 4.6 rotating parts and the CkPS off your old block and you're set
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    WTB - 4.2 Multibelt Engine for 94 RRC

    I have a couple of runners I could video if you wish
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    Unusual "Stuck in Park" situation?

    You just said it isn't the solenoid If the solenoid is working it has to be either the shifter mechanism or something between that and the trani in dides
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    Unusual "Stuck in Park" situation?

    Or the solenoid with the yellow dot on it see if you have power there if you do change it if not find out why not
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    Could it really be the CPK AGAIN?!?!?!

    What Jimmie says usually the CkPS but sometimes the inside fuse box pull it out usually you can see green tracers under the plugs where moisture drags copper particles across several connections
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    Any running 3.9 serp engines?

    Where are you located I have a few around probably $150 to ship to a commercial address