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    D2 TJM front bumper

    Bump for a goodin
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    So I'll give credit where credit is due...

    Give it hell
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    Brakes locking up -98 Discovery 1 - Help!

    Pull the abs fuse years ago. it may resolve the whole issue I pulled mine after my truck rolled me through a stop sign. only difference is down hill on ice mud and blood it likes to lockem up . everyday driving is no problem Keep us posted though i may need to replace my 23 yr old brakes as well
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    Aluminum Radiator

    Yes more
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    1998 D1 For Sale NWA area.

    Give it a minute thats a clean truck some body who knows these trucks should snag it
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    97 D1 rough idle

    Please i need some damn tech support Calling all vetetans of dweb
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    97 D1 rough idle

    $hit &*ck %amn i thought this was a family establishment im 10 beers in and looking for some information on some rough idle issues Dont be a girlie man either
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    97 D1 rough idle

    Check idle air control valve if it turns out good the vehicle speed sensor can reek a little havoc if they are not sending a clean signal to the ecu even at idle the ecu may think your doing 150 mph or something dumb like that and jerk that iacv around also check all your vacum lines And lastly...
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    Is anyone making good bumpers anymore?

    Glad to see robinson here again a great wealth of knowledge and hopefully some wit the new site has changed some things here change is good and needed at times
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    Key Not Turning in Ignition Switch

    Get a new ignition switch via amazon Look into atlantic british help videos therr is a method to the madness Manual and automatic seem to b different
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    Thanks again Will T. For a good set of seats
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    1994 D1 Project

    I efn digg it man nice work glad to see somebody is still keepin them alive
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    Back again
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    D1 parts, parts, parts

    PM sent
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    Old Man Emu Springs

    I would love to have some good reliable info on ome springs