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    D1 Offroad bits

    I’ll take the SD rack.
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    WTB: D2 wheels/tires, roof rack, brush vuard

    Anyone near Chattanooga TN selling an 18” wheel set already fitted with very good / above average mud terrain tires? Doesn’t have to the hurricanes. Also looking for front brush guard and Baja or voyager rack and ladder. PFA
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    97 Disco - looking for advice on sale

    I’m in Chattanooga, if you need help, let me know.
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    Put RRC rack on LR4?

    I have a full cage, brownchurch roof rack from one of my old Classics and curious if anyone knows of any adapter kits that are made for an LR4 that would allow to mount the gutter style rack to it?
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    D2 Cargo Mat Like New

    Still have it?
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    Supercharged 1995 RRC on eBay

    yeah, but was Lars Ulrich a prior owner? :)
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    Dead horse: OME MD vs HD springs

    I’m running HD’s with bilsteins, only bolt on is a full cage rack. Ride quality is fine, a bit stiff and bumpy but it’s aD1 so it’s as expected. My 16 yo daughter drives it now and she’s never complained.
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    D1 SD rack - $500

    While we’re at, did you buy it? I need one for my recently acquired D2
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    New D1 Inventory

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    G4 Project For Sale $5,000

    Still selling?
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    BOUGHT: WTB 2013-16 LR4 HD pack under 80k miles

    Anyone selling an LR4 please let me know. Wishlist includes: '13-'16 HD pack under 80k miles 7-seater service records no stories / no accidents navy, white, grey, silver in that order of preference ... definitely no red or gold nice to haves would be roof rack already fitted (e.g. voyager)...
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    Not Mine - But thought it was crazy so sharing

    this + the rhino interior would help explain it's tenure on the market
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    Not Mine - But thought it was crazy so sharing

    Isnt this the same one that was on consignment with Worldwide Vintage?