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    Refresh Time - 1996 Disco

    I have a couple of factory spare steelies in 30319.
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    G4 Project For Sale $5,000

    Aren't you selling all of your hoard for $500k?
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    Land Rover Facebook groups.

    No. Jimmy is a friend of mine, but my God he hates LR3's. I love mine and I've put 100k miles on it in five and a half years. It's a pain in the ass sometimes, though.
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    Drivetrain clunk 2013 LR4

    The clunk could be ball joints.
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    New Stockober

    Will, do you have any unscorched tan D1 front door cards?
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    How to best safely sell a gun?

    I always sell on gunbroker.
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    Best Defender Import Shop?

    Proceed very carefully. Too many imports are polished turds.
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    Looking at a 2013 LR4 - main areas of concern?

    I suppose I should do that. I'm surely on borrowed time.
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    Wanted: Discovery 1 with no Sunroof

    I have a Willow Green '97 SD7. Beige cloth, seven seater, no sunroofs. Auto. Stock, save the aftermarket radio. Could use paint as the clear coat is failing. Not rust free, but pretty close. Right at 89000 miles. Clean title. PM me with an email and I can send photos. Located just...
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    Tires, Tires, Tires

    I prefer skinnier tires, so I liked them. They really need 4:11 diffs.
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    East Coast Gasoline

    Lots of lines here around Atlanta. Then again, I passed by a station that seemed to have plenty with no lines. Go figure.
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    WTB: D1 or maybe D2/RRC

    I have a 97 D1 SD7 with 89xxx miles. Clearcoat failure on the hood and roof. Very clean interior. Stock. $9500
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    99 D2 rearview mirror replacement two wire version

    Black ought to be the ground while the gray is 12v.
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    Sticking brake

    I wonder if they didn't properly adjust the parking brake.