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    D1 Non-Airbag steering wheel

    Gents, I know its a bit of a long shot, but i'd like to find a good condition D1 steering wheel. Non-Airbag type. I am happy to pay postage internationally here to me in Australia for the right wheel in good condition. This model:
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    CT brush guard and winch mount

    I forget where i found these images. Once i remember i will provide credit.
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    CT brush guard and winch mount

    Looks good. I'm making a few for myself and some friends so am just getting some ideas as i see a few flaws in the original design. Do you have any photos of it off the vehicle? And i assume you're going to also cut the factory front bumper to fit around it? thanks Also i have quite a few...
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    CT brush guard and winch mount

    ^^ Did you make that winch mount or purchase it? (sorry for the old topic bump)
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