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    Hi Lift Rack Mount

    I will take those, how is $45 shipped?
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    D2 radio

    I thought those radios were the same and the difference was amps and speakers?
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    2001 OBDII

    No power at all or just does not give codes?
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    5 235/85r16 Mud Terrains

    How old are they, and where in ATL?
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    Land Rover Facebook groups.

    I knew Jimmy when he lived in Richmond and wheeled a pink Scout. Was it a scout Jimmy? Anyway, I know he owned most of them. edit, I think the scout was a friends now that I think about it. You already has the D2
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    Land Rover Facebook groups.

    For real? Are they that bad?
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    Front Differential Catastrophic Failure

    Exactly. Heavy but manageable. Be sure to use a magnet to get out any little pieces in the housing before reassembly. That new axle is a hot mess.
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    Any know what edition this D2 is?

    That is the Yellowstone collection, comes with angry girlfriend and a brand. Possibly used to hide bodies.
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    Land Rover Facebook groups.

    Saw one this weekend where a guy said generic code readers were useless, told a LR newbie to buy a Nanocom. Nanocoms are great but not always needed. He was a Brit so take it for what it is worth.
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    Spotify or Pandora

    I use FM for WNRN out of Cville and NPR. The rest is a constant repeat as you said.
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    Opinion Needed 95 vs 96 D1

    Def 96
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    New Bronco

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    Spotify or Pandora

    Had Pandora, tried Spotify and Tidal. Went back to Pandora. My kids use Spotify so I am clearly old and I suck.
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    Safarigard engine mounts.

    I decided to give these a try. Hope to get to it this week. Not sure how impressed I am so far, it looks like they were assembled backwards. Easy enough to remove the bolt and flip the mount, but seems like a sloppy move.
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    I was pretty shocked that body was so clean. Traction control was impressive there.