2019 Disco - Rear Clicking


New member
Apr 15, 2024
Hi, all. First time here. I have a 2019 Disco HSE with ~ 85,000 miles.

Recently there is a loud metallic clicking when the vehicle first takes off, either forward or reverse. The sound seems to originate from the driver side rear. As the car gains speed the clicking becomes less noticeable and then goes away. I took it to a third party shop, that have been reputable with my vehicles in the past, and they weren't sure if it was the tires, brakes, or axle. The brakes needed to be replaced anyway so they did that and they checked whether it was a wheel bearing and confirmed it was not.

The shop's next thought was the rear axle. They stated the boots were failing and should be replaced. They also stated that if I were to just replace the boots I should replace the axle. The estimate for the repair is ~$4,700. However, the shop said they could not guarantee that is the source of the clicking.

Any advice?

Thank you