Carfax Reorts


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Sep 14, 2010
Northern Illinois
I have a car I'm dealing with right now that I think someone has been able to alter the car fax report. The car was in last month and had a list of really fucked up complaints so I looked at it before I dispatched it. I figured out prettty quick that it was a theft recovery from another state and sold thru a shady car dealership group. They own a Land Rover franchise but sold it thru another high end brand store they also own. It was wrecked a handfull of times and got a salvage title for all that shit. Then it was stolen (go figure). Land Rover put a brick on the warranty more than a year ago, then the warranty timed out by time and thats all that shows now. No brick on the warranty shows up, just the expired flag.
Here's where it gets interesting. When I documented all the theft recovery and major accident I staple the report to the back of the repair order. Frome there everything I staple to the RO gets scanned into the computer system and then it can be accessed from any port. My boss keeps trying to tell me I'm confused about what car it is and telling me this thing is NOT a theft recovery, it does NOT have a branded title, and JLR NEVER put a brick on the warranty. He hands me a carfax he just ran on the fucking thing and stuff is missing from the one I stapled to the ro and still have access to.
So I have a whole new argument why carfax is less than perfect. First off if I trash my car and fix it myself carfax don't know shit. But it would appear that the carfax report can be altered for a price.


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Mar 26, 2004
you mean people are corrupt? LOL, it wouldn't surprise me one bit that there is a laundry department within carfax.