Converting D1 front turn signals to also include running/marker lights


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Jan 23, 2011
Perhaps you have installed an HD bumper and it has no provision for marker lights and want to continue to have running/marker lights. Or, maybe you want to use the ROW style bumper end caps (like robertf did, which is where I learned about this).

You will need to do a little wiring. It is a really simple project. I simply ran the harness extension for the running lights (formerly in the bumper end cap) up to the turn signal location and spliced in a pigtail to allow using the double filament 1157 bulb.

The part number for the pigtail is STC4637 (Defender tail/stop light) and the bulb holder is XPB100190.

My understanding is in the US you are required to have marker lights. I didn’t have to get a safety inspection to license my D1 where I live and cant say it would fail inspection for not having them. However, I suspect it very well could and would in an area that requires a safety inspection. I expect you could be ticketed as well.

I did drive my D1 for quite a long time without them and was not ticketed, however.
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Apr 20, 2004
Back in the USA; Rockwood, PA
Nice write up. In rural W. PA. probably not an issue in general and with Antique plates on a Rover for sure not an issue as no safety inspection required. My RRC already registered as Antique and D1 eligible Jan ‘22. No more inspections or annual registration costs!!!