D1/D2/RRC/Defender Parts for Sale


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Jul 8, 2011
North Alabama
The table below lists parts by their vehicle/subsystem, and pictures of some of the components are located below the table. The table appears to be fixed-width, so hopefully this works out. The price is for the total quantity listed in the "Item" column. Shipping is not included in the price listed. Parts are located in Huntsville, Alabama. I will most likely only respond to PMs in the evenings, but let me know if you have any questions or need additional pictures.

Used parts were purchased from distributors on DWeb (aside from PSP), but that's the only backstory I have on them:
  • D2 front driveshaft is stock, mileage unknown, but all of the parts for the rebuild are listed
  • D2 PSP is whining but not leaking, so essentially worthless. Give a donation to DWeb if you want it
  • D2 Lug nuts - take 'em
  • RRC shafts/CVs - mileage is unknown, but it's all there if you want spares

Vehicle/SubsystemItemPart NumberVehicleConditionPrice
D2 Double Cardan Front Driveshaft (stock)tvb000320D2Used75
PDQ/Neapco Ujonts (3)1-0005New40
Neapco center ball kit (D2 driveshaft)7-0081NGNew15
[SOLD] Handbrake boot black (not genuine)FJL101710PMAD1/D2New20
[SOLD] Four wheel drive selector boot black (not genuine)FJL101530PMAD1/D2New15
D2 Rear Wiper BladeDKC100890D2New5
D2 PSP (needs rebuild)he1205095D2Used-
D2 Lug NutsD2Used-
Intake Manifold Gasket, ProLinePLV0043.9/4.0/4.3/4.6LNew10
Rocker Cover Gaskets, Proline (2)PLM0353.9/4.0/4.3/4.6LNew10
Wheel Bearing, Proline (2)PLH00390/110/RRC/D1New10
Outer Hub Seal, ProLine (2)PLH000290/110/RRC/D1New10
Inner Hub Seal, Genuine (2)FTC478590/110/RRC/D1New10
Thermostat and gasket, GenuineETC476590/110/RRC/D1New10
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets (2) and studs, AllMakesETC452490/110/RRC/D1New15
Tcase - LT230
LT230 Shifter, D1D1Used50
LT230 Output Shaft (D1 ZF)D1Used20
[SOLD] LT230 transfer case complete gasket kit (Toddco)LRTCGS127-New30
[SOLD] D2 LT230 Front driveshaft flange (Toddco)LRD20FRDD2New15
RRC Spares
10 spline axles/CVs (Front and Rear)RRCUsed50
ABS Amigo V12009D2Used50

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