D1 front cover Question


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Aug 25, 2019
The Woodlands, TX
Ok its been a while since I asked a dumb question...

Disclaimer: before anyone says it, yes I have checked the RAVE, my haynes, and the LR classic parts catalog.

Truck is a 96 (03/96) 5 speed. Took the front cover off to replace the gasket, and upon re-fitting, a bolt snapped. Got super lucky and got it out without too much fuss. I believed the bolts to not be the right lengths but now I'm second guessing everything. Called up AB, got a kit and now that they have arrived, the bolts seem way too short. Can anyone guide me on what bolts go in which holes and what sizes they should be? Thanks!


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Jan 22, 2006
sounds like you got a series 2 bolt kit. it should have 3 really long bolts that go through the waterpump. the rest are the same length