D1 roof rack


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Dec 27, 2021
Vancouver Island
Fair enough, the material choice offends people. I get it, everyone has had a bad experience. But cedar shake roofs carry a 25 yr warranty, and your gooseneck has a 15 yr old cypress or fir deck right? I do have some experience with wood (carpenter, boatbuilder etc.) and know what's important. My bathouse (a big ass bathouse) will outlast your Rover. I fabricate with metal as well (incl. a 47' steel boat, yikes!) so I appreciate the advantages of most materials. Wood absorbs water primarily through the end grain. You'll see I've tried to minimize that. And where I couldn't, the lightening holes for example, it's epoxy sealed. I live in the wettest part of Canada and looking around the yard I see several examples of wood construction left to the weather for up to 12 yrs (when I moved in) and as sound as the day it was built.
I'm glad this build has sparked some discussion. So much of what is posted is which shade of gray 24" wheel will match the Taipei tweed of the 2023 Dwhatever. And I do enjoy those threads too, I do. But every time I leave the driveway I see so many Tacomas with a RTT and fancy silver wheels I wonder if everyone is subscribed to the same recipe.
Thanks for your time. Especially those who have commented. I really am interested in what you have to say.

This morning's trip to the lumber yard to get sixteen soaking wet 16 footers:


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