Dead Bank 2? P0154


New member
Jan 25, 2022
My '00 D2 had new Upstream O2 sensors installed by an indy in October. 3 months later it was throwing codes, most of which I killed, but this one I cannot.
- Installed 4 new O2 sensors
- Swapped the sensors right to left
- Cleaned all connectors
- Confirmed continuity from Bank 2 sensor 1 (RF) to ECM and confirmed the ground pin has continuity to the board/housing
- Cleaned the MAF, checked for leaks, tightened clamps, then checked again

I continue to get P0154 (Bank 2 Sensor 1 No Activity), but I don't get the corresponding code for the downstream sensor. This, despite the OBD showing activity on the Left side, but N/A on Right Upstream and Downstream. What am I missing? I really hate to swap the ECM.

Thanks in advance!