Disco 2 Tensioner and Belt Pulleys


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Oct 23, 2017
Son’s pulley shat the bed on his way to the airport headed to his sister’s wedding, because that’s what happens when u drive old Rovers, right?

Any recommendations on who/where to source parts and tools? I assume it makes sense to replace all pulleys, and belt while he’s in there and keep the spares for trail fixes or for when he has another flight to catch.

He’s determined he does not have ACE and it looks like Dayco might be a decent brand to source from. Wanted to help him double check before he pulls the trigger.
Aug 20, 2007
Nashville TN
I've got a chirping pulley at cold start only, so I just got the genuine 80mm one from rovers north and the genuine 70mm one from Atlantic British and that worked out to be the best price. I was going to get the tensioner from rock auto. it's a good bit cheaper on there.
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