Help with a hose problem


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Jun 21, 2020
Phoenix, Arizona
Hello everybody,

I have been fixing up this old beast over the last couple months and after finally finishing up the fuel pump and driving her she got too excited and poured coolant all over my driveway. The culprit was the coolant hose going from where the thermostat used to be down towards the water pump.
First question: when I reinstall this hose, how do I get the clearance correct so it doesn’t touch the pulley and tear again?
Second: is there any way to order just the top part of this hose assembly? The hoses are almost brand new so I would rather just replace the section that was torn by my own stupidity. I only need the circled section but could not find any info on what hose that was.
Third: does this top hose going from my in-line down look alright to you? Yo me it seems too bent.

As always, thank you everyone! The car wouldn’t be running at all without y’all.


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Jan 23, 2009
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You can use the lower radiator hose from a 2002 BMW 325i to go straight from the tee to the radiator. You just have to trim the ends until it fits well. That would also eliminate the nice air trap in that hose.