LR4 Hunting - What to look out for


New member
Oct 2, 2020
Northern New Jersey
Hi all-
I am new to this forum, but have done my fair share of lurking as i have been in the market for a disco for many years...but got waylaid by a Wrangler. I am now ready to jump headlong in and am looking for a rig to build out and get Covid-escape ready. I am monitoring all the current LR4 sales, and am ready to pull the trigger, but want to know what i should look out for?

Anything tell tale that I should look at, listen or smell for as I go and drive?

v8 vs 6? Interestingly few 2014s out there...anyone have a reason for that?

(Also, anyone interested in trading an LR4 for a pristine single owner 2011 2 dr wrangler? perhaps you're downsizing???)

Also could use a recommend for a solid indy rover mechanic in northern NJ or lower hudson valley.

Any help would be appreciated!!