New to me 1970 Santana 88


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Jul 17, 2023
Thought I would introduce myself since I am sure I will have many questions for this group. I recently purchased a 1970 Santana 88. I have owned and restored many European Cars, mostly Porsche and Jaguar, but this is my first Land Rover. I have very little information on its history other than the person I bought it from purchased it in Bogota Columbia, had it ¨restored¨ there and imported it to the US.

I am still going through it and learning about Land Rovers in general.

The Good:
-Starts, runs, and drives
-Chassis seems to be in good shape and mostly rust free
-looks good from 10´ away

The not so good:
-Brakes are almost non-existent and the brake lights do not function (I am currently in the process of replacing the brakes all around, but still have not located the brake light switch)
-According to the workshop manual there are 29 places that could leak. Luckily I think I only have leaks from about 25 of them, haha
-Coolant is brown (rusty) but doesn't show signs of oil intrusion. It´s clearing up after a few flushes
-Bogs and sometimes dies when I first hit the throttle, but only when the cold start is off. When pulled on there it is very smooth and responsive. (Any suggestions for this one)
-Looks like it has a Weber carb and has an alternator added.
-There is no hose connected to the vacuum advance on the distributor. Not sure if it´s required or where it should connect
-There is much much more but this is most of what I have gone through so far

Here are a few pics. Let me know if you see anything interesting or problematic in them. I will save my questions, if I can find them in the search, for separate posts
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Jan 23, 2011
Nice Santana! When mine arrived it had rust brown coolant as well. I think due to the warm climate in Spain some do not feel coolant is necessary and just go with water.

A 1970 model should be just about the same as a similar year Series. Later ones, like mine, are more a roll of the dice for which parts from its British cousin will fit.

im going to PM you a source for further information.