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p m

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Apr 19, 2004
La Jolla, CA
I've always been conflicted about owning a "vehicle of historical significance."
Say, I'd own a "factory prototype," but a CT or G4 or even Trek truck would always elicit bystanders' questions about owner participating in these events.
This is probably the main consideration that kept me from repainting any of my trucks in Sandglow Yellow.

Also, I came across a CT Disco - which was beat up beyond any repair or restoration (that would keep the truck somewhat original). Don't know if all of them are beat up like that, suspect it might be so.


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May 21, 2007
I've had mixed feelings about Camel Trophy vehicles. On the one hand I'd love to own a piece of that history and be a thoughtful steward of that legacy. On the other hand, I'd probably be so anxious about all the misfortunes that could happen that I'd never take it out of secure, climate controlled storage. And thus the world would be deprived of the opportunity to appreciate it.

A few years ago there was an article in one of the UK Land Rover mags about an enthusiast in Holland who had this huge collection of Camel Trophy vehicles - maybe 20 or 30 - that he kept tucked away in a building on his property. That's a special kind of hoarding and a loss to the wider world who'd like to see one in person.

rover rob

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Mar 29, 2016
upstate NY
if i had the extra money i would buy it and take it to all the rover events mostly so it could be seen by others. i would have to wring it out once in a while just because.
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Feb 4, 2019
Atlanta, GA
A highend detailer in NYC had one of the Mongolia trucks on his YT channel a few months ago. Apparently father and son were going to restore it, but the father passed away and now the kid is going to sell it. It looked in way worse shape than this one, so maybe it could be used with little concern.

I'm not sure what import costs entail, but $42K for this one doesn't seem bad.


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Apr 20, 2004
Back in the USA; Rockwood, PA
This is probably the main consideration that kept me from repainting any of my trucks in Sandglow Yellow.
When living in Brasil Land Rover still had a Defender factory in São Paulo. Sandglow Yellow was a standard color being offered. We took a tour of the plant and the plant manager was proud that his Defenders didn’t leak like those from GB. He was right as our 110 didn’t leak at all!
On the D1, too many stickers although would like the 300Tdi.
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