Old timer thread got me wondering, what Rover got you onto Discoweb?


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Apr 20, 2004
I think after moving to CO in 2000, this was about the only site where D1 users were actively conversing on modifications, so that is where I landed.
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Feb 24, 2006
Goldsboro, NC
A friend in high school used daddy’s money and had a new D2. I just loved the looks of it and that was all it took for me. Started with a 96 d1-99.5 D2(d2 led me here) until now 04 d2 and wife had a lr3 now a lr4. Got here on the disease too
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May 24, 2007
Boise Idaho
Bought a 96 in 2007 sight unseen for $2100 while I was looking for a Land Cruiser. 240k later I bought a 94 D1 in 2010. Still driving it daily, now by my kiddo. Got a 2004 D2 in 2020, anlso a daily by the Mrs. My other kiddo wants that one. Also have a 94 LWB that is more of a storage locker in my garage. It’s been off the road for a while now. But some day. Lol
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Mar 18, 2021
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
1995 Disco1 NAS 5sp.

It was the clear winner, back in 006, in my search for a compact SUV, seating 5 with room for up to 7 in a pinch.. that I could actually work on and that could serve as our young family's truckster, able to service birthday parties, costco runs, tight in-town U-turns, Sierra snow and some desert camping.
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Oct 23, 2017
‘94 NAS 90 bought sight unseen from a retired couple on the opposite coast. Found it in early 1997 on cars2000.com. It was a site that basically published local listings. No pics just basic descriptions and personal contact into. Seller had no idea what the internet was but agreed to take pictures, develop the film and mail them to me. They arrived a week later and I was blown away. 8k original miles, $22k. A month later it arrived at my house on a flatbed.


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Jan 26, 2009
Lake Villa, IL
Bought a '98 D1 because I wanted something with 4WD. Daily drove it for a long time, then turned it into a trail truck. After that.....
- '96 for parts
- '96 from my brother that I daily drove
- '95 as a project that never took off
- '94 that I still have and am rebuilding
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May 20, 2005
Fairfax, VA
I bought a white 96 Disco in 2004; it was pristine. I traded it in to Will for his Black 95 D1. A few years ago, I bought a 98 D1.


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Oct 10, 2004
New Jersey USA
My Grandmother would give me Corgi Chipperfield Circus trucks at Christmas. Mostly LR’s and also including Daktari and Lions of Longleat. That was it…
My father used to repair his cars, and when I was little I helped him. Once he had noise in a rear wheel bearing on his Plymouth, he lifted it up by the rear axle, started engine and spun rear wheels to confirm noise. Seeing that front wheels resting on the ground did not turn, I was surprised, because I thought they should move. My father then explained to me that this only happened in 4wd vehicles. Given that horrifying revelation about common street cars, my first car was a 1959 Jeep 4x4 which I had for 23 years, and year 1999 when I was eager to buy a D1, I found Dweb. This old D1 is my companion, it leads me trough worsest roads, and 10 years ago I added a D2 to it to alternate so I could continue, as my late father did, with services and repairs myself.

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Mar 3, 2010
1997 Discovery SE, purchased new from Zumbach (NYC) in 1997. Still my main vehicle, though in the city we don't use it much during the week.

230,000 miles and it runs great. We bought it before my wife and I were married, brought both our kids home from the hospital (2002 & 2003), many fun road trips, major miles driving up and down the Eastern seaboard for sports tournaments, both kids learned to drive in it, and both kids still love it as do all their friends. It is the 'fun' car.

I have found a couple of notes on it over the years asking if I wanted to sell it. Very little chance of that happening.


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Dec 27, 2012
1995 Discovery SE7 with 130,000 miles for $500. I stumbled across it near my house sitting forlorn at a garage. It seemed like the perfect vehicle for my boys to drive to college an hour away once we got it to start and pass inspection. $300 later and they were on their way. I bought it back when they tired of the frustrations of keeping it running. 90,000 miles later, it finally cracked the engine block. The replacement is a 97 D1 with a 1973 SIII 109 slowly coming to life in my friend's garage.
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Dec 3, 2020
98 D1 for $700 out of a scrap yard. 65k on the clock. Didn't run and half the buttons worked. Working on a gravel driveway just long enough to get it to run and make a one hour trek with open headers to my work. There, I started fixing all the important stuff. 2 weeks later I totaled my daily driver and the weather was getting cold. My only option was to drive the rover. I would drive it one hour to work, work all day and stay late to fix as much as I could and head home. I started with no heat, and barely functioning wipers, I did this for about a month straight. I had fixed everything I possibly could. To this day I constantly just make it better and better. Not once did that truck leave me stranded or let me down.
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