Opinion Needed 95 vs 96 D1


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Feb 28, 2006
Looking at both a 95 and a 96 D1, the 95 is half the price of the 96 and needs some work, but also comes with a parts truck (no drivetrain) the 96 looks clean and well looked after. The 95 is also only a couple hours away from me.

Extra money saved on 95 would fund making it nice again. Any advantage on 95 vs 96?


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May 21, 2007
Why? Gems better than 14CUX or go with the nicer starting point?

Having owned and worked on both, I prefer GEMS over 14CUX, but for every guy like me there is probably another who takes the converse view. In your situation I'd probably pick the truck with the most solid frame and body. Engine, drivetrain, suspension, steering, all that stuff is going to need attention sooner or later regardless no matter which vehicle you pick.
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Apr 20, 2004
Back in the USA; Rockwood, PA
Have 14CUX in the ‘94 Rangie and GEMS in ‘96 Disco. As Tugela mentioned buy the Rover with the most solid body / frame. You’ll have issues and maintenance requirements on any older Rover. For me they’re easier to fix than body rust.


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May 24, 2007
Boise Idaho
My first was a 96. My current is a 94 and an 04. I love my 94. Still figuring out if the 04 is going to be long term. Would definitely buy a nice 96 again. No extra crap like the 04 to be a pain. Way more comfortable than the 94. Just my opinion. Good luck.