P0130-p0150 and strong gas smell from exhaust after welding exhaust flange


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Aug 3, 2005
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Thanks for the info rovercanus, I remember that Stateside five-o-point sold uprated D2 injectors, but some time ago switched back to Bosch originals. Will be ordering the o-rings just to be on the safe side and keep them for "just in case" I have to take manifold apart. Lubrication with WD40, petroleum jelly or tiniest bit of engine oil?
Today did another thest drive with the scan tool attached. Seems that every drive cycle trims are going back to normal.
I took some pics of this 6 mile drive cycle
1st.- 30 sec after starting up. Stone cold engine. 19ª Celsius (whatever it is in Fahrenheit) outside temp

Both sensors reading, Short term fuel trim Bank 2 doing weird things

2nd. Warm engine, 50mph in 3rd (mine is manual tranny, yes, D2 V8 5-speed, very few were made). Medium throttle. Both fuel trims almpst 0 and O2 reading leaner on bank 2

3rd, fully warmed engine, at idle, back home. both fuel trims almost equal (half a mile before there was a 3-5% maximum difference between bank 1 and2) but just before switching off the greatest difference was the one pictured (2%). At times they were equal or bank 2 read 0,8%.

I guess that having driven for 150 miles with broken downpipe pushed the fuel trims sky high and even having done around 10 drive cycles, regardless of how long they were, the ECU is still going back to normal.
2 days ago at idle bank 2 short fuel trim oscillated between 0 and 25%, today between 0 and 2,8%.
Ok , a bolt in plenum chamber to manifold was found not so tight and tightened, but in my ignorance guess the ECU is still adapting.

Will monitor each and every drive cycle and come back with results. Performance is very good and idle is still very smooth
Best regards and thanks again


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Sep 14, 2016
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I used petroleum jelly when installing my Bosch fuel injectors.
No issues since I did the top end rebuild last June. Swapped out the stock green Bosch 0280155787 to the reconditioned tan Bosch 0280155705 injectors.