Rebuilt - Now White Smoke and Weak Idle (w/ pic and videos)


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Nov 26, 2011
Darien Gap
  • Lots of white smoke. Dissipates quickly but does NOT smell like coolant to me. Just smells like exhaust/gas, not sweet.
  • Smoke disappears after engine warmed up hot, but still idles like crap
  • Has two modes of idle, weak and high, which it seems to switch between randomly as I'm driving.
  • Weak mode: Idles ok, but not great, in neutral. Struggles or stalls in drive/reverse when stopped.
  • High mode: Idles anywhere from 1500 to 2500 rpm. 800-900 in drive when stopped. Only started after I disconnected TPS from the throttle linkage and turned it manually to see what would happen.
  • Just started hesitating and barely accelerating in video below.

  • New rings, honed cylinders, main bearings, turned crank, cam, tappets, pushrods, rockers, rocker shafts, timing set, oil pump
  • Heads and block surfaced and flat
  • No cracks detected by machinist
  • New composite HGs
  • ARP head studs carefully torqued to 66 lb-ft
  • Idled ok, and smoked less before rebuild, even when it was burning coolant from blown HG.
  • New Kingsbourne wires, and NKG plugs gapped to 0.035
  • All new vacuum, PCV, coolant, oil, and trans oil lines/tubes
  • Cleaned MAF
  • Oil levels at full
  • Redid valley pan gasket with RTV to ensure good seal
  • No bubbles in coolant detected when running.
  • Plugs were sooty dry black, but now have all turned silvery grey.
  • All cylinders have compression around 150-160 psi except #3 at 140 (was 120 a few days ago)
  • Adding cap of oil to #3 boosts compression 10 psi.
  • Oil samples do not appear to contain coolant
  • Engine is still in break in period.
  • Fuel pressure is 35 PSI at idle

Ultra Gauge:
  • Codes: P1313, P1314, and now P1316
  • Alarm: CAT Bank 1 Sensor 1 F: 8789, max 2011
  • Timing at high idle is 42, falls when not idling high
  • Throttle position: 11.9 (min), 92 (max)
  • Coolant F: 188-192 when warmed up

I'm really most concerned about the amount of smoke and weak idle. Those have been the problem since first starting the rebuilt engine. I'm almost positive I caused the high idle problem by confusing the ECU when I removed the TPS.

Cold start and Ultra Gauge video:
97 Discovery - Weak Idle, Smoke, and Ultra Gauge - YouTube

Short drive with lots of Ultra Gauge data (unfortunately I forgot to add O2 bank 2 sensor 2):
97 Discovery - Test Drive - YouTube
At 11:15 it started losing power. I gave it throttle to go and it would barely accelerate and seemed to be misfiring. This is the first time it wouldn't accelerate like that.

Thanks for the consideration
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Nov 26, 2011
Darien Gap
Thanks I've been analyzing the video data, looking for clues and here's what stands out to me:

CAT F B1 S1: either ERR or 8711. Anyone know what this is?
Timing seems high
MPH is about 10% slower than analog gauge

Bank 1 O2 1 varies and drops from 1.020 to as low as 0.26, while Bank 2 O2 1 stays at 1.020
At the same time Srt Tr1 (Short term fuel trim bank 1) varies and drops from 24% to roughly between 20 and -20, while Srt Tr2 stays at 24%.


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Mar 28, 2011
West Des Moines IA
Also have you checked for spark and fuel? I am thinking something along the lines of bad coil pack based on the tip of that plug. I would check for spark - did all of your plugs look like that?


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Nov 26, 2011
Darien Gap
Well I ordered two new O2 sensors, an IACV, and plugs. Hopefully that takes care of it. I'll post an update when I get them installed. Thanks guys.

From RockAuto:
NTK 25044 Oxygen Sensor $53.79 2x $107.58
STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS AC151 Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve $43.79 1x $43.79
CHAMPION 318 Spark Plug $1.86 8x $14.88


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Nov 26, 2011
Darien Gap
I don't know exactly. I'll have to ask my machinist if he kept a record, as he did that part. I vaguely remember him saying he wanted to put in forged rings, but I may be way off on that.