RRC owners/lovers: Please share details of your reference RRC stereo system upgrade


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Mar 8, 2014
Sunny FL
Good evening,

I am a proud owner of a 92 RRC SWB. I have owned this vehicle for close to decade, got it initially for a transplant project for my other love 85 Defender 90. I didn’t have the heart to break the classic RRC and took the time to get everything perfectly sorted and it went through a proper restoration locally in FL.

The interior is all that is left and is next on the list and before I get the wilton wool carpets and new seats reupholstered is to get the stereo system upgraded. I am looking for suggestions and input on the audio system.

For the stereo going with: Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB (Classic looks and fits the odd insert angle and shallow opening. Offers bluetooth, 4W Preamp and sub Outs). I plan to also pair with quality external amp + subwoofer.

I am measuring the door speakers as 4 inches with a tweeter by the window panel and the headliner opening as 4 inches as well.

This is the area where I am looking for suggestions, pictures details etc. I am convinced I am not the only one who has attempted to get some good quality sound in the beloved RRC.

Please share the options:

Can I add another larger speaker in addition to the top 4 inch opening in the front driver door card? I would welcome any suggestions as this area will have the maximum ROI based on proximity.

My rear seat door cards don’t have speaker openings . Has anyone been able to add speakers like the newer modern vehicles?

In the cargo area, I have pulled out the factory subwoofer out and will get a custom enclosure made for a subwoofer for the bass component. Has anyone added additional larger speakers with bespoke enclosures? Again I would welcome suggestions, details and pictures.

I have a competent installer, his former GF had owned a RR P38A which drove him crazy fixing :). He will do quality work I just need to go in with direction and input for him.

Many thanks in advance for your time and input.


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Feb 4, 2019
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I'm not much of an audiophile, so I can't be much of help with the amplifier and subwoofer wiring. However, one of my RRCs came with a pretty neat aftermarket set up where the jack would be. It's pretty period so the sub needs to be replaced.

I did install a Blaupunkt SQR 46 in another RRC and really like it. It looked near stock but has modern amenities. The Bluetooth connects instantly.

Some RRCs came with two front door speakers, not sure about rear. I'd think upgraded speakers in the cargo roof would do fine though.


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Mar 3, 2010
FWIW, I simply added a new drivers and a 250W amp to the subwoofer and it sounds pretty darn good in a D1. I also have aftermarket (Pyle) 4" drivers in the D pillars. Front door mids and tweeters are stock.