The Freelander is back!

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Mar 2, 2024
Sanford NC
I feel like Land Rover is really missing out on capitalizing on the current lover affair with softroaders. I mean the prices have risen so much it could easily be a market they could compete in. Like why not do something with the Discovery Sport to make it a more legit off roader? Like the Bronco sport, Compass Trailhawk, Subaru Wildtreak, TRD stuff. I feel like they've gone too far luxury and away from their roots while the market is going the opposite direction. Bring the Freelander back as a Bronco, Wrangler, GX, 4runner fighter. The Defender was a good step in the right direction but everything about it is too big from it's heft to its wheels. Be bold and offer it with the removable top it used to have as well.
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