Water Ingress Driver side


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Dec 4, 2021
Hi Folks ,

2003 D2

Just joined the forum on Saturday & this is my first post.

Hope someone can shed some light as it’s dementing me.

I removed the roof lining as I had the sunroofs sealed shut.

Windscreen was replaced as it was cracked.

Roof Bars were removed and new rubber gaskets were fitted.

Before all of the above was tackled I noticed a damp patch around where the drivers side grab handle would be it was seeping been through the roof lining.

So i is started and finished all of the above and I see water is trickling through still. It’s to far to be the windscreen as water has to travel up towards where the water is dribbling from, you can see the green arrow in the first image showing the water would have to travel up which is impossible.

The Sunroof and drains are bone dry & the roof bars are dry also. I have attached a few images to try help explain the issue.


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