James Bay Trois

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A group of five trucks, all members of the Land Rover Adventure Association of Toronto, embarked two days ago for the third winter trip to cold James Bay. Starting out on Friday morning, at the Pennzoil dealer in Montreal, courtesy of club-member and friend Patrick Findlay; we changed all our fluids to cold-weather synthetic oils. First day otherwise was uneventful, other than the partying that took place at our first day's destination of Val d'Or, in Canada's province of Quebec.

Second day was a short drive stopping at Amos, Quebec in the middle of a winter festival surrounding the great high-domed cathedral which dominates the city. The festival included children's outdoor fun (sledding etc.) and a traditional Quebec treat - hot maple syrup poured into snow, which quickly froze into a tasty treat which all of us enjoyed.

We ended up the day in Baie James municipal region for the real start of our winter saga.

The overall mission of the trip is to visit several northern Cree communities, sample indigenous local culture and cuisine, participate in exciting outdoor activities and visit the huge Hydro Quebec generating facility at Le Grand Dam, which provides great wealth to northern Quebec communities. These native communities were all previously Hudson's Bay trading posts, some established as long ago as 1670, with the last trading post closing as recently as 1970.

The usual multi-stops at various Tim Horton's took place, much to the chagrin of our American colleagues who were not dependent on Tim Horton's coffee as away of life.

Today's temperature started out at -26 Celsius (-15 F), but warmed up a great deal to -14 C (6 F). Tomorrow we make our way to Wemendji, on the James Bay coastline, a trip of approximately 600 km (410 miles).

Participants included:

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