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    04 traction control

    so... to eliminate this further. should I get some sort of limited slip or locker. Will it render the TC useless?... And yes I do have a cdl. and I know how to use it. Swedjen2: you might be on to something with the "working" tcase, as I do not have reverse. But all forward gears work just fine.
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    04 traction control

    Can someone explain why my traction control decides to work sometimes. This past weekend I got crossed axle and my TC would not spin the rear tires. Don't I have a limited slip?
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    Where would I find

    A inexpensive set of radius arms for a 5 in lift for my D2? I know a lot of people make them but is one better than the other?
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    3 in lift for D2

    Looking for 3 in lift for D2, Could trade a set of facelift headlights or an complete 04 CDL shifter and cable.
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    Old Man Emu trim spacers

    I would be interested in 3 in springs... if it will fit my D2
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    Hey Will, I am doing the HP24 trans an tcase on my 04 and noticed on the inside of the bell...

    Hey Will, I am doing the HP24 trans an tcase on my 04 and noticed on the inside of the bell housing has scuffmarks in a circular pattern..... with the trans you have there, have you seen anything like that before? I have 2 in my garage both are HP24'S and both have the same scuff marks.
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    04 D2 Transmission

    Doing a trans swap along with water pump... anything I need to look out for doing this trans? It should be straight forward. I have done other trans before. Should I get the stronger flexplate? No towing just trail riding.
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    water pump

    Roger that thank you.... I will do the same
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    water pump

    Im in need of a water pump... but is there a better water pump than others.
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    DII lift

    You are correct about the other parts needed to run 35's. I was just wondering about the pinion angles frt and rr. yes I will regear or run yota axles but im not there yet. Pos. do new shafts instead of yota axles.
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    DII lift

    Not a mall crawler... I try to do most of the trails here in Colorado...
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    DII lift

    At what point (lift size) do I need to be concerned with caster angle and new correction radius and control arms? I want true 33 poss. 35's