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    LR3 EGR valve to throttle body coolant hose

    for reference the part number is LR006161
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    Rat's nest under passenger seat

    You can eliminate all of it, either by splicing the wires in the passenger lower dash area or simply do away with the factory speaker wiring in its entirety and run new speaker wire from the head unit to the speakers. The '95 ETM is online Brett, which will also apply to 1994 and will be a...
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    SRS Light on 1995 Disco

    I hate to kick up an old thread here, but if you remove the SRS bulb from the cluster, you should also strongly consider either permanently disabling the actual airbag inflators (disconnecting and secure connector) OR disconnecting the SRS module under the center console. Because without the red...
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    Discovery II/P38 Alloys: G4 Wheels or Comet Wheels

    Can deliver to ROTR 8 16" G4 "Style 3" (six spokes) Set of 5 Good shape, no bends or cracks Best looking 16" alloy for D2/P38 IMO OR 18" "Comet" Style (six spokes) Set of 5 Good shape, no cracks or bends Also seen on Borrego P38s Special "making room in the barn" price... either set $250
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    Rovers on the Rocks 8 - Bigger, Better, Faster

    I am not complaining about the cost, FYI. Just trying to make sure I know what's up.
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    Rovers on the Rocks 8 - Bigger, Better, Faster

    So park membership is 15 friday pass 40 saturday pass 40 saturday dinner 20 There is probably no point to wheeling on Sunday?
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    D2 rear bumper cap

    You should have gotten points for stacking parts in that hole.
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    Wanted: D2 Rain Gutter Trim

    Good luck
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    RTE Rear Links

    Rear links are sold
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    RTE Rear Links

    Have another set available, I don't think they need bushings but I will include a new pair anyhow. Can deliver to the MAR or URE events this October also...
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    proof of how good the pot is in CO

    I already have proof. Last week a guy bought a D1 rear wiper arm for his D2. He calls me and says it won't fit his Land Cruiser. Then he decided his truck is actually a 2003 Discovery Land Rover, but is adamant the truck is NOT a Series II. Finally, his complaint is that the arm is the "wrong...
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    A lesson learned....Stay away from Platinum Motorsports in KY

    I can't believe noone has asked if he pulled the two ABS fuses also. Pulling the fuses and the bulb, he may have actually kept your ABS from causing you to wreck. Pulling just the bulb and keeping the ABS active, is totally neglegent.
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    RRC rack for sale - not mine

    I don't know enough to say how healthy their business is, but Voyager and Baja are still in business.
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    Range Rover 4.6

    Getting 2k over here.
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    RRC rack for sale - not mine

    Hey Rob do you know if any of the other KVT racks had flat floors like this one? I have seen a few others that were all just round tube, so I am curious.