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  • Marty,
    I just bought an 02 Disco SE7. I am looking for a couple parts and wanted to see if you had anything in stock and what your prices would be.

    1) Driver-side front door window motor
    2) Exterior A pillar trim piece (that runs up the windshield) on the passenger side and the gutter piece above it.
    3) front bumper cover

    Still assessing needs so I might have some more requests coming.

    Never saw the Paypal request for the 4.6 DII MAF. Do you still have some?

    Also, my LR3 compressor rebuild didn't last but a couple months. Do you have the compressors? Are they pulls or new? Old style or new?

    Thanks in advance,

    '99 DII, 4.6, Piper 270 cam, Headers, 3" RTE, Fox 11", 33" KM2 ...
    '05 LR3
    Hey Marty
    2004 Disco
    Left drivers mirror
    Left rear tail light assy
    Jim Monti
    Marty did you get my msgs? I sent payment last week, what's the time frame?

    I am looking for an ignition switch for a 1999 D1. I was wondering if you had one, (with the key please) and how much to ship to New York, zip = 11228.

    need working radio/cassette head unit for 97 d1 with security code if you have let me know and let's do deal
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