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    Opinions on Tires

    I've ran the KM2s in that exact size on my Tacoma. BFG makes a great tire in my opinion If you're wheeling the truck the certs are a no-brainer
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    Not Mine: Knoxville D1 Five Speed $4k I looked at this truck yesterday and wanted to pass it on. My thoughts; Former DC/VA truck and has the rust to prove it. Hole in the passenger rear door arch and various rust on the body panels...
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    What's the 5 Speed market?

    That's my thinking. Wish the damned thing wasn't regeared so I could put the stock alloys and tire size back on
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    What's the 5 Speed market?

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    What's the 5 Speed market?

    It's been a long time...found a lead on a low mileage 5 speed D1 but I'm unsure where the market stands now. I'm looking to flip the truck for a profit. BaT has mint examples from $8k-$10k I found a '97 base model five speed in fair condition re-geared on 34s (I'm hoping just mall-crawled)...
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    Welcome to the new DiscoWeb

    Nice work
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    04 Disco, looking for feedback on value?

    Wow nice, that was quick. Seems like the market is getting stronger by the day
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    TV Streaming Devices

    I want to cut our cable plan but it supplies our wifi ($85/month). What alternatives do we have for wifi-only? Comast wifi-only options are $90/month (wtf?)
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    '04 Disco II SE - Auction Closing Today

    Is the website having success? Seems to favor BaT with only clean and well thought-out listings. I enjoy watching auctions on your website.
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    1999 Discovery

    Dope truck. I'll buy it for $5k
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    Moving July 1

    Call it an "Overland Rally" and invite the Brocoma and Jeep clubs for maximum Instagram exposure
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    RTT on Discovery 2

    My rebuttal posted in red
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    Looked at a 4Runner yesterday, and I have a question

    Put me in the hat for the Tacoma fan boys, too. There's a mod for everything on these trucks and they are ultra reliable Resale value is unparalleled. I paid $17k for a 12 year old truck (and it was a smoking deal)
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    blow up those Yeti coolers!

    But then they can't disguise their vanity of Facebook views under a cloak of social justice!
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    blow up those Yeti coolers!

    x2. Granted, social media perpetuates the shit out of "issues." But to some extent companies (and celebrities) seem to be alienating their primary source of revenue (people) lately