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  • PT, 97 D1 297k on it spoke to you about MAF and
    FP Regulator! Took to shop to have Auto logic and check systems and came back MAF is not operating correctly! Had another used MAF it was failure too! got another one from same recycler and appears to start up ok however very poor throttle response! The shop that did the diagnostic said that keep changing out MAF until you get one that works! What's you thoughts? Boxster
    Hey pt looking for a front windshield w/ the gasket around it for a 98D1 shipped to 5 oak mont court streamwood , Ill 60107 thanks
    I have a 1997 land rover v8i. I started it yesterday and was unable to drive due to a suspected fuel filter changed and no improvement. the rover idles just fine but when I give it gas the engine falters it drives as long as I don't give it any gas. any and all information is greatly appreciated. thanks for your time
    Happy New Year P.T.,
    I hear through D.Web that you might have a blower motor for an early vin # 1988 RRC. I am in the hunt for one. Please let me know one way or another if you have such a blower beast.


    Hey PT,

    Do you still have those fuel line fitting replacements to connect to a D1 fuel pump? My 16 year old is about to start driving and the D1 is spewing gas.


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