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    Now parting 07 LR3

    Sent u pm. Looking for arm rests. Photos please.
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    Now parting 07 LR3

    Drivers arm rest and rear passenger glass hatch. PM sent as well
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    DII 2" RTE springs with 5 265-75-16 MTs on dII 16s

    Testing the waters. I have RTE +2" springs and a set of 5 265/75/16 FEDERAL COURAGIA MTs on DII 16" wheels. also a matching spare wheel with a different brand new 265/75/16 MT. Tires have about 6000 miles on them more than 75% tread left I love this set up but was hoping I could be wheeling a...
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    Now Parting 04 D2 101k

    rear left tail light and front mud flaps.
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    Now parting 04 D2

    Marty Let me know if you can hook it up with some front mudflaps using whats left of my in store credit we agreed upon with the range rover deal. Thanks
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    Transmission Rip Off (04' LR Disco 2)

    +1 Do your research first thats all.
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    04 Disco rocking drivers seat

    No its minimul but you can feel it while breaking or accelerating fast lol. Seems like something is loose on the mount or something. Its not enough for me to get motivated enough to figure it out yet.
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    Rear axle leak????? Smells like a fire.

    I thought mine was the O ring but it was the hub assy
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    04 Disco rocking drivers seat

    Mine is an 04 and it rocks as well.
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    Now parting 03 D2

    Exhaust? PM sent
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    DII TJM front Bumper!

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    DII TJM front Bumper!

    Shipping is going to be around 150 via grayhound shipping. Ponies you have a pm.
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    DII TJM front Bumper!

    I am now offering shipping! greyhound shipping.
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    DII TJM front Bumper!

    Updated with new pictures. Winch tray and hellas included.
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    DII TJM front Bumper!