'04 Disco Headscratcher


Mar 6, 2017
Ridgeland, MS
Hi all,

I'm apologizing if this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the answer.
My 04 Disco started to show the red brake light on occasionally on the instruments panel. It is on for a day or so, and then it doesn't show up. Then It does go off again.
Also I hear a warning sound every once in a while if I hit the brakes intensely every once in a while.
MY understanding is that the three amigos where fixed from factory on the latest models (but I might be wrong).


First capture from the iLand is before re set the error codes. Second one was after a week of re setting the codes.
I am planning to check all the connectors and see if amperage is adequate. Do I need to try to change the shuttle valve or the whole ABS module?
Wheel hubs? They were fine when I changed pads and rotors 2 months ago.
Educate me.

JP '


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Apr 24, 2004
Like Stew said. An abs system fault will not turn on the red brake light symbol by itself. Are the other three lights on now?
With a truck that age if you have the original master cylinder, it's possible it is leaking at the reservoir. Look underneath the reservoir and see if the paint is messed up on the master cylinder.